Please make sure you are familiar with my requirements before completing a booking request, especially my screening tab. While discretion and privacy are of the utmost importance to me, verification is mandatory for all new dates with no exceptions. Discreet does not mean anonymous.


– please provide all requested information in a timely manner. I will not respond to “you available” texts, contact that doesn’t include basic information, endless questions that can be answered on my website, or long drawn out conversations with no intent to book. I may choose to gently remind you of this, but repeat offenders will be blocked.

– if you’d like to chat or get to know me, subscribe to my OnlyFans! that is the only place where I will respond to messages unrelated to booking.

– no mention of services (including acronyms). this includes in the “additional comments” section of my booking form! if you do, I will have no choice but to end communication permanently, or ignore your request. I do not have a menu, as I am not a denny’s. experiences with me are unique to each individual, and I do not follow a script or checklist. with a little detective work, I am sure you can figure out if I am someone you would enjoy spending time with.


discretion is paramount, but that does not equal anonymity. for my safety and privacy I require the information listed below for all new suitors. please keep in mind that my concern for myself reflects my concern for you. this is non-negotiable.

photo + id

  • photo with your full face shown HOLDING your government ID clear enough to read. all info besides full name, photo, and city/state can be blacked out
  • for anyone 25 and under, or those who appear younger than the age they provide, I also require DOB also be shown
contact & scheduling

– I update my schedule on a monthly basis with specific availability. please review it before reaching out!

– I do not do outcalls to residences for first time meets. if you request an outcall, please have a hotel room or be prepared to book one.

– I will only accept booking requests through my website. if you reach out over text or email, I will politely redirect you here

– I am based out of Chico, CA, but am available for travel both locally and out of state. I have options for both DMTY and FMTY listed on my donations page! please note any travel requires ample notice and additional fees.


– I require a deposit for all appointments, regardless of whether I have seen you before. these can be sent through cashapp, or a digital amazon gift card. if you are concerned about a “digital trail”, I also accept pictures of physical amazon gift cards. *PLEASE NOTE* I do not accept amazon gift cards as a deposit option for anything over 2HR! if you would like to combine it with cashapp though you are more than welcome!

deposit amounts are as follows:

  • 1HR-2HR – 20%
  • 3HR-4HR – 30%
  • 6HR+ – 50%
  • dmty & fmty – 50% + travel fees

– if I for any reason need to cancel our appointment, your deposit will be returned immediately. deposits are nonrefundable if the cancellation is on your part.

– cancellations within 48HR of your appointment incur a 25% cancellation fee on top of your voided deposit. if you disagree, you will be barred from any future bookings without 100% upfront payment.


while gifts and tips are never expected, they are absolutely loved, appreciated, and a surefire way to make me smile ❤ to spoil me with something I’ve picked myself you can see my luxylist wishlist here, or my amazon wishlist here. otherwise I absolutely love:

  • candles (lavender, vanilla, jasmine or something new!)
  • gift cards (sephora, starbucks, and victoria’s secret are some of my faves)
  • flowers (roses and lilies are my favorite, but I love anything floral!)
  • dessert (all kinds!)

for established suitors that would like to send something hand picked, I have a shipping address upon request

our time

– please provide the donation within 5 mins of our date beginning. cards with cute notes and gifts are a bonus! if we are out in public I will excuse myself to the restroom to make sure it is correct, if we are in private please excuse yourself to the restroom.

– if we are in public, please be discreet. no PDA or inappropriate discussions

– impeccable hygiene is a must. you are welcome (and encouraged) to use my shower when you arrive. if you decline, please be aware that YMMV.

– while it can be easy to get lost in the moment, do not try to overstay your booked time without extending. please do not put me in the position of asking you to leave. it is incredibly uncomfortable, and if I feel you are taking advantage I will refuse to see you again. if you feel what you booked wasn’t enough time and you are finding it hard to leave, please see below for extension options.

– if you find that the time you originally booked just wasn’t enough, I would be happy to extend as long as I am able! in date extensions are +$600/30min or +$800/hr, and are due at the time of extension. if you overstay your appointment by more than 5mins without an extension, I have a $250 inconvenience fee. if you find that requirement unfair or transactional, I would suggest booking a longer time upfront so we aren’t rushed as this is typically only an issue with my shorter appointments 🙂

fmty/dmty & 3HR+ dates

3/4/6HR dates

all longer dates (3HR+) must include some form of PUBLIC social time! if you would like a longer date with no public social time, my rates increases to $800/hr for each hour booked over 2. I will ask you when booking what your plans are, so if you don’t have something arranged I will assume you are looking for a private date and will charge accordingly.


I require a minimum of 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep for all 12HR overnight dates, and 8 hours for 15HR overnights. For all first time overnights I have a 15HR minimum, and require a separate room to sleep in. (adjoining rooms are ideal)

12HR overnights are only available for long term clients that I am able to share sleeping accommodations with. if you’d like me to stay up with you, my overnight rate increases to +$800/hr for each additional hour awake of my required sleeping time.

24/48HR+ dates

these work best for a planned getaway, so please have something in mind when reaching out. I require at least 2HR of personal time per day, and my own room.


in most cases, my domestic FMTY’s are all inclusive. please see my ’donations’ page for more information. everything is booked by me, I do not allow anyone to book something on my behalf.


I am available for dmty for specific areas. please see my donations page for more info